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The Young at Harp                        $25 plus shipping

This beginning harp book is a clear and thorough approach to learning harp technique for a beginner with previous music reading experience.

The music is appropriate for both lever and pedal harps and has both exercises and solos. It is to be used with the help of a teacher.  

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  sound samples can be found under the "more" tab 

Animal Parade

 $35 full set, $15 score only, $6 a part (plus shipping )

This charming, four-harp piece imagines rhinos, monkeys, elephants, butterflies and other animals on parade.

Suitable for early to mid-intermediate level harpists. 

Between My Balloon and the Moon

 $35 full set, $15 score only, $6 a part (plus shipping )

Between My Balloon and the Moon is “a journey from earth to the stars.”  The piece is written for 4 lever or pedal harpists from early to mid-intermediate level. Several extended techniques are used to create varied texture over a sweet, simple melody ending in an “outer-space disco.”

 $35 full set, $15 score only, $6 a part (plus shipping )

“” is the combination of robots and Lady Gaga for four pedal or lever harps. One could imagine a robot of much different melodic sensibilities and musical priorities transcribing Gaga's “Bad Romance” and it turning out something like this piece. Note clusters, dead slaps and rhythmic glissandi give “” a distinct robotic quality.

This piece is fierce!


 $25 full set, $10 score only, $6 a part (plus shipping )

“Constellations” is a  contemplative, bluesy original composition for three lever or pedal harps. It is spacious and relaxed. In the middle, harpists are invited to take turns improvising a solo. It may be extremely short (one measure) or as long as they like. The solos represent their own personal “constellation.” This piece is a friendly, low-pressure way to bring improv and creativity to harp ensemble.


$8.50 *all players read off a score (plus shipping)

“Creatures” is an unusual sort of piece for multiple harps; other instruments can also be added. Alongside a quirky melody there are textural and melodic elements left up to the ensemble. Beginners as well as more advanced players have opportunities to improvise throughout the piece. All performers will be reading off the score so that they may jump around from part to part as determined by their ensemble. To prevent total chaos, there is a list of “rules” to follow. “Creatures” works best with 4 or more harpists of any level.


 $30 full set, $15 score only, $6 a part (plus shipping )

“Kitties!” is for three pedal or lever harps. The piece was “inspired by two charming kittens and their very contrasting personalities. Two sections—”In Sunbeams,” and “The Chase,”—provide improvisational opportunities (“kitty conversations”) and extended techniques. Perfect for student groups or any ensemble looking for something fun and new.


 $35 full set, $15 score only, $6 a part (plus shipping )

“Locomotive” is a jazzy original work for four pedal or lever harps. It's about the journey of a train as it becomes increasingly fast and ultimately flies off the track into oblivion. Dance and jazz rhythms along with some meter changes give the piece an exciting, forward-moving feel. While rhythms can be tricky in this one, it is a worthy and fun challenge for harpists at a late intermediate/early advanced level. “Locomotive” works for lever harps with some minor adjustments (octave displacement depending on the range of the harp).

One Time Around

 $40 full set, $20 score only, $6 a part (plus shipping )

The four seasons are illustrated each with a unique style in this harp ensemble piece. "Solar Power" sizzles with jazz rhythms, "Falling Down" borrows a little style from Pink Floyd, "Snow Ambling" has a quiet, "Gymnopedie" feel and "Buds" borrows melodies and rhythms from the "Rite of Spring" and "Morning Mood" while keeping in a ska style. "One Time Around" is for four intermediate level pedal or lever harpists. 


 $30 full set, $15 score only, $6 a part (plus shipping )

Sea is a portrait of the ocean inspired by the Oregon coast. The two movements, "The Stirring Beast", and "A Mirror for Moon" illustrate the contrasts of the water from ferocious to calm and majestic. For three pedal or lever harps (with some adaption), this piece is suitable for intermediate level harpists.


 $40 full set, $15 score only, $6 a part (plus shipping )

Tiktaalik is for four pedal or lever harpists of any level. There are two versions – one is a hip-hop-style 4-part rap and the other is played on the harp. One, both or a combination of the spoken or played versions may be performed. The words and music are inspired by Neil Shubin’s book “Your Inner Fish” and explore paleontology. Harpists are challenged with speech-like rhythms and the freedom to improvise within a given framework.   

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